The Double Nickel lifestyle is all about appreciating life and having fun as we get older. Living your best life. Time with family, getting fit, listening to music, participating in sports, enjoying leisure time, going to the beach, getting outside, giving back to those less fortunate and anything else that men are passionate about. Be kind and treat people with respect. Go get it!

  • Fitness Matters

    With regards to fitness, is it going to be "One Day" or "Day One"? Move for an hour each day. No matter what your level of fitness, get better every day. If you are already jacked...go harder!

    Get Fit 
  • Get Outside

    Go outside...walk, sit, ride, swim, surf, snowboard, skateboard, climb, run, throw, catch, shoot, swing. We all spend too much time inside and nature is always calling. Listen and go!

    Look at what's out there 
  • Give Something

    There is no better feeling than giving something to someone less fortunate than you. Give what you can...time, money, advice, expertise, love, a helping hand, a hug, a shoulder to lean on. Give!

    50 small ways to give